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Colombo Green Industries was founded from the passion of Francesco Colombo, entrepreneur and CEO of Ekonore, the company that has revolutionised the world pest control market, with the success of its biodisinfestation. Colombo Green Industries devises, builds and sells a range of highly innovative products for biodisinfestation and sanitisation without using pesticides or toxic substances, all strictly made in Italy.

Our Machines

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Laser bird repellent


Mosquito Repellent System


Environment sanitation


The power of Ozone

The most powerful natural disinfectant

Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known. It easily reaches the most hidden points, eliminating up to 99.98% of impurities. Moreover, thanks to its high oxidation and sanitising capabilities, it is able to inactivate in the briefest possible time (from a few seconds to a couple of minutes), any pathogen, virus, mould, fungus or allergen, as well as removing odours, even when persistent. It is also extremely effective in treating both drinking and other types of water (spa centres, pools, hot tubs, etc.( since it can purify any biological, chemical or mineral contaminant, with incredibly crystal clear results. This natural gas is much, much more effective than any natural or synthetic  product used for the same purpose. Our generators, which use the extraordinary power of ozone to sanitise any type of room. They are built in Italy with top-quality materials and are able to stand the test of time. Don’t you think it is possible to combine top-quality, design of the highest level, and efficiency?


Infinity Ozono Line

Scientific insights into the effectiveness of ozone

Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known. News from all over the world confirm the disinfectant and virucidal efficacy of ozone, capable of inactivating viruses and bacteria in a single treatment. Find out what many scientific researchers are saying.

Air purifiers

Quality materials

Designed and built in italy

The Italian Ministry for Health has recognised ozone as a natural aid in the sterilisation of areas contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, mites, insects and all types of microorganism.

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health

The Higher Institute for Health has confirmed that ozone is powerful disinfectant and microbiological sanitiser that also works on viruses.

ISS, Higher Institute of Health

Ozone is recognized by the WHO as the most efficient disinfectant. With ozone concentrations of 0.1-0.2 mg / L.min, the inactivation of all types of viruses is achieved!

OMS, World Health Organization

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