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Ozone Infinity Premium 40 | Ozone Generator

Ozone Infinity Premium 40 is the cream of the models on the sanitisation and disinfection panorama. It is in fact a closed chamber ozone generator that dispenses this natural disinfectant over longer amounts of time. It is able to disinfect large rooms and vast spaces (up to 15000 cubic metres).. Its ranges of application is vast, from water treatment to the agrifood industry. Ozone Infinity Premium 20 is extremely effective in combating viruses, bacteria, spores and mould on surfaces destined to come into contact with foods, but also to sanitise and disinfect water in aqueducts and swimming pools. The action of ozone has excellent results, including for the prevention of water contamination from legionella and other species of chlorine-resistant bacteria. Moreover, Ozone Infinity Premium 40, thanks to the special BIO FILTER, is able to reduce the pressure of nitrogen in the air, limiting the formation of nitrogen nitrites and and nitrates, caused by the ozone formation process.


Professional Ozone Generator | Ozone Infinity Premium 40

The closed chamber generator Ozone Infinity Premium 40 from Colombo Green Industries can sanitise large areas (up to 15,000 m3), as well as civil and industrial water, and more. It has a maximum ozone production capacity of 40g/h. The sectors and product applications include:

  • aqueducts and private wells;
  • tanks and storage tanks (trains, planes, ships);
  • artificial and spa pools;
  • intensive livestock farming;
  • slaughtering and processing facilities;
  • food and drinks industries.

We should stress the effectiveness of using our generators in the food industry. In fact, ozone is increasingly considered an alternative to the use of biocidal and sanitising products. It keeps food fresher for longer and also avoids the deterioration of proteolipid components in plant- and animal-based foods. For this reason, meat and fish workshops, and catering & banqueting activities can benefit from the lasting action of Ozone Infinity Premium 40. The use of generators is also taking off in the wine industry: wine growers are increasingly turning to alternatives to’sulphur dioxide which is used to sanitise production spaces, surfaces and containers for bottling wine (vats, bottles, tanks, etc.). And the pure ozone from our generators is perfect in this role.



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