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Ozone Clean Car System | Ozone generator for cars

Ozone Clean Car System, the ozone generator for cars made by Colombo Green Industries, is made in Italy and has CE marking. It has been designed with highly resistant materials, and is built to last. This machine dispenses a high-quality concentration of ozone. Reaching the set PPM values needed, it is able to inactivate any virus and to destroy bacteria.

Ozone Clean Car System…

  • removes all contamination and dirt from fabrics, seats, etc.
  • eliminates persistent unpleasant smells;
  • is a generator made exclusively in Italy;
  • dispenses high-quality pure ozone;
  • it can be used in self-service mode.


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Ozone Clean Car System is an ozone generator devised, designed and distributed by Colombo Green Industries for the sanitisation and disinfection of car and vehicle interiors. This machine removes all contamination and dirt inside fabrics, on seats, and more besides. It is suitable for use at service stations, car washes and car hire companies. Thanks to its self service use, this column generator can be used independently by customers to clean the inside of any vehicle. Ozono Clean Car System is also able to eliminate all types of unpleasant and persistent odour inside a vehicle. It is particularly recommended on means of transport, shared by a high number of people. Taxis, ambulances, buses and trains are in fact places that usually come under high risk from viral contamination and our generator can prevent contagion and the spread of pathogens, thanks to the powerful action of ozone, which is able to inactivate even the coronavirus COVID-19.


N.B.: l’aspetto estetico di alcuni componenti del generatore potrebbe leggermente differire rispetto alle immagini presenti nel sito.

Il Ministero della Salute ha riconosciuto l’ozono come presidio naturale per la sterilizzazione degli ambienti contaminati da batteri, virus, spore, acari, insetti e tutti i tipi di microrganismi.

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