Colombo Green Industries

Continuing research, passion and investment in new ecological technologies have allowed us to become the leading company in the production of professional machinery for disinfection and sanitisation with no use of pesticides and toxic substances.

Colombo Green Industries is the result of the passion of Francesco Colombo, entrepreneur and CEO of Ekonore, the company that revolutionised the world market for pest control, thanks to the success of Biodisinfection. Colombo Green Industries devises, builds and distributes a range of highly innovative products for sanitisation and biodisinfestation without using pesticides.

Defeating pests and pathogens without using pesticides requires characteristics that are completely unknown to those who usually take charge of disinfestation: research, study and the search for eco-friendly and at the same time, most efficient solutions.

A natural factory, ceaselessly seeking quality

In a sensitive field such as disinfestation, there is no room for superficiality. Defeating pests and pathogens without using pesticides takes characteristics that are completely unknown to those who normally work in disinfestation: constant study and a tendency to think of solutions that are eco-friendly and at the same time, efficient. These elements are reflected in the machines from Colombo Green Industries, designed to combine form and substance. Ours is a genuine natural factory, constantly seeking out new solutions to solve problems of pests, viruses, and bacteria, while continuing to help the environment without harming people’s safety.

Our distinctive elements:

  • In-depth study for detailed knowledge of natural technologies and methods

  • Continued research to find increasingly advanced technologies that will not endanger health or the environment

  • Search for quality, an essential principle for our experts who build biodisinfestation and sanitising machinery

But we have something more that others don’t have when it comes to action: passion!

State-of-the-art technology

Our new laboratories and workshops are directly run by our highly qualified personnel, helped by the very best technologies available on the market. Colombo Green Industries is the very best of Made in Italy when it comes to eco-friendly machine building.

Le nostre soluzioni:

  • BioZanz – The mosquito repellent for your garden: easy to install for completely natural mosquito prevention

  • Infinity Ozono Premium – Our range of ultra-powerful ozone generators made in Italy, to sanitise homes, offices, businesses and any other type of room

  • Avix Autonomic – The revolutionary automated laser bird repeller to discourage birds from sheds and warehouses, crops, roofs, terraces and more.

And this is merely the beginning. The line of products from Colombo Green Industries continues to develop.


Whatever machine we devise and design, at Colombo Green Industries, every step of the production process is carried out based on customer needs and the needs of a planet that is no longer able to support the presence of pesticides and poisonous substances.


We start with a detailed look and research into the most efficient, environmentally friendly solution. These are characteristics that reflect on the finished product.

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We then pass on to the actual creation of machinery with top-quality materials that meet our primary requirements: to defeat pests and sanitise areas while also respecting nature

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Our extensive distribution network means that we can get anywhere. The Colombo Green Industries product lines can reach you anywhere!

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The new Colombo Green Industries is growing at fantastic speed and continues to invest in expansion and in the development of technologies.

Passion, continued upgrades, and customer satisfaction are at the very heart of the Colombo Green Industries project, which, with its machinery, wants to finalise what is an unstoppable process: building a world that is free from pesticides, creating next-generation instruments that use completely natural agents to solve problems with pests, viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

Colombo Green Industries is


Professionals working in the field of discovering new bio technologies


Vanguard technologies to build efficient machines


Creation of solutions based on the action context and the marketplace


All of the checks needed before commencing production in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Colombo Green Industries, guaranteed excellence at your service!