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Ozone Infinity Smart 20 | Ozone Generator

Ozone Infinity Smart 20:

  • is a device made in Italy;
  • has a special BIO FILTER that limits the formation of nitrogen, nitrates and nitrites;
  • guarantees, unlike other generators available on sale, the dispensing of pure ozone;
  • it effectively combats viruses, bacteria, mould and pathogens;
  • it is designed and built to guarantee easy use.
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Ozone Generator | Ozone Infinity Smart 20

Are you looking for an ozone generator that can efficiently sanitise any type of room? Then Ozone Infinity Smart 20 is just what you need. Designed by Colombo Green Industries, a company that designs, builds and sells highly-innovative products for sanitisation and biodisinfestation without using pesticides, Ozone Infinity Smart 20 is an Italian-made machine that uses all of the power of ozone to inactivate viruses and defeat bacteriamould, and any type of pathogen. When you buy it, you will also receive a video training course, free of charge, to learn how to set the generator correctly.

Our ozone generators for professional use are able to sanitise and disinfect rooms against bacteria, viruses and mould, by up to 99.6%. They are made using top-quality, robust materials and are designed to work continuously over time. Unlike classic ozone generators, the range of generators made by Colombo Green Industries is able to combine efficiency and shape. It guarantees the dispensing of better quality ozone. With one of these devices, you can be sure to have safe, lasting sanitisation.


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