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Ozone Infinity Smart 10 | Ozone Generator

Are you looking for a portable ozone generator to sanitise your environment? Colombo Green Industries, a company Made in Italy, designs, builds and sells Ozone Infinity Smart 10. This Italian-made generator, tested for 60,000 hours of use, is complete with a special bio filter to reduce the presence of nitrogen in the air. It uses the power of ozone to sanitise any room (bedrooms, offices, living rooms, schools, etc.) When you purchase Ozono Infinity Smart 10g you also get a free video training course to learn how to correctly set and use your device.

  • Tested for 60.000 hours of operation;
  • Quartz tube;
  • Special BIO FILTER to limit the formation of nitrite and nitrate nitrogen;
  • It is a device manufactured in Italy;
  • Unlike other generators on the market, this device guarantees the supply of pure ozone;
  • it effectively combats viruses, bacteria, mould and pathogens;
  • Designed and built to guarantee easy use.
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Portable Ozone Generator | Ozone Infinity Smart 10

Ozone Infinity Smart 10 represents technological innovation in Italian brand ozone generators. Suitable for home and professional use; this is a machine designed especially by Colombo Green Industries to sanitise rooms and tackle viruses and pathogens. Suitable for use in offices, shops and companies. Our professional portable generator has an efficient action in just a short amount of time, without leaving in residues in the room. It is complete with a special bio filter to reduce the amount of nitrogen in the air.

Ozone Infinity Smart 10 is manufactured exclusively in Italy. It has a CE mark and a 2-year warranty. It is fitted with a super-resistant cabinet in marine-grade AISI 316 L stainless steel. The flow capacity is 6.2 m3 per minute and it dispenses 10g ozone per hour. It is also equipped with a timer. This device guarantees quality ozone production, able to achieve 1 PPM, the saturation value needed to inactivate viruses (including coronavirus COVID-19), deactivate bacteria and spores, and also eliminate persistent unpleasant smells.

Our ozone generators for professional use are able to sanitise and disinfect rooms against bacteria, viruses and mould, by up to 99.6%. They are made using top-quality, robust materials and are designed to work continuously over time. Unlike classic ozone generators, the range of generators made by Colombo Green Industries is able to combine efficiency and shape. It guarantees the dispensing of better quality ozone. With one of these devices, you can be sure to have safe, lasting sanitisation.

Note: the appearance of some of the generator’s components may differ slightly from the images on the website.

The Italian Ministry for Health had recognised ozone as a natural aid in the sterilisation of areas contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, mited, insects and all types of microorganism.

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Additional information


2.8 kg


380 × 180 × 180 cm


Free video training course for the correct use and setting suitable for your ozone generator.

Ozone output (g / h):

10g / h

Flow capacity:

6,2 m3/min


marine-grade AISI 316 L stainless steel



Power Consumption:

140 Watt

Power supply voltage:

220 V AC 50/60 Hz


On / OFF switch – Timing timer – protection fuse – Generator with Quartz tube – Power cable

Cooling down:

forced ventilation


< 54dB A


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