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Avix Autonomic | Laser bird repellent

AVIX Autonomic is an automated laser bird repellent. A safe, silent and extremely effective solution to protect your cultivated land, sheds or warehouses, roof and more against birds. It is fitted with sensors and video cameras, able to identify areas with bird infestations. Avix Autonomic projects a laser beam continuously in the areas it surveys, causing the birds to flee immediately. Pigeons, gulls, and other birds, after perceiving the laser to be a threat, will leave and stay away from your spaces.

Avix Autonomic…

  • is effective over long distances and vast areas;
  • protects your land and your business against birds, 24/7;
  • is silent and respects the ecosystem;
  • is effective over time;
  • is suitable for any type of area (can be installed on a pole, a frame, etc.);
  • can be programmed to suit your needs.
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Avix Autonomic | Automated laser bird repellent

Every years, birds cause serious damage to crops, destroying roofs, creating unsafe situations in airports, and transmit over 60 different diseases. A large presence of birds in your vegetable plot, vineyard or orchard, for example, can cause significant damage. AVIX Autonomic is a completely automated repellent system for birds which scares them away effectively and harmlessly, 24/7. This next-generation laser bird repellent offers continuous coverage in areas needing ongoing protection against birds.


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