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BioZanz | Mosquito Repellent System – Over 90 nozzles

Tired of being tormented by mosquitoes in your garden? Do you want a system that is durable and can solve your problem once and for all? Therefore, you would do well to get to know BioZanz, the mosquito repellent system for your garden which will allow you to enjoy some well-deserved and undisturbed relaxation. BioZanz consists of a pressurisation/mixing control unit and a hydraulic circuit. Thanks to the nozzles, placed along the perimeter of the area being treated, BioZanz creates an impenetrable barrier for the mosquitoes! Our technical engineers will install a system in just a few hours, based on your requirements. See how the system works in more detail: bit.ly/3ljWu2d


  • has an electronic control unit able to programme dispensing;
  • allows the installation of perimeter nozzles along the garden hedges, in the flower beds and elsewhere;
  • uses no chemicals that can be harmful to health or the environment;
  • uses an active ingredient that is 100% natural;
  • is also available with aromatherapy!
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BioZanz System | Mosquito repellent system – Over 90 nozzles for terraces and gardens up to 3000 sq m

BioZanz is a mosquito repellent system that is ideal for homes, gardens, parks, and businesses! It represents an innovation in mosquito repellent systems. Specially devised, designed and built by Colombo Green Industries for indoor and outdoor areas, BioZanz is able to dispense a natural active ingredient that is extremely effective, using automated spray for biodisinfestation of adult mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects, such as flies, wasps and sand flies. Thanks to BioZanz solutions, you can finally put in place measures to contain and actively protect your garden, preventing mosquitoes (culex) and tiger mosquitoes from bothering you when you are enjoying the best, most relaxing moments of your day. BioZanz systems consist of pressurisation/mixing control units and a hydraulic circuit that contains spray nozzles, suitably positioned around the perimeter of the area being treated, such as hedges, flower beds, shrubs, ponds or places that can favour the spread of mosquitoes.


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