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Air Purifier | AirBio Premium

AirBio Premium uses a 5-stage filter and purification system with UVC lamp (254 nm) to defeat 99.9% of the bacteria and fungi in the surrounding environment. It can cover very large spaces (up to 150 m²!) and guarantees protection to last the whole day long. It has an intelligent, easy and intuitive touch display that can control air quality in real time, remotely. Can be used with people presence.


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Keeping air healthy has a positive effect on our well-being, especially for those suffering with asthma or allergies. AirBio Premium makes the most of the benefits of air purification technology using HEPA filters and carbon plus UVC to quickly filter air and decontaminate surfaces. So you can avoid the spread of bacteria, mould, COV and odours. Maintenance free and extremely easy to use, thanks to the intuitive touch screen. Compared to other much more expensive and not very effective devices, AirBio Premium purifies the surrounding environment by more than 99% and it is harmless for health.

Elements and characteristics of the AirBio Premium air purifier:

  • Advanced, 5-stage filter and purification system;
  • pre-filter in nylon;
  • TIO2 photocatalytic filter;
  • HEPA H13 filter;
  • active carbon filter;
  • 254 nm UVC lamp;
  • kills 99.9% bacteria and fungi;
  • volume of circulating air: 1200 m3/h;
  • covered area: up to 150 m²;
  • pure copper core;
  • touch display;
  • low consumption motor.


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