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BioFiore is a natural pyrethrum-based insecticide with a concentration of 3000 PPM (mg / L). It is based on super concentrated pyrethrum, is free of PBO and is a totally organic product, perfect for eliminating weeds. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide allowed in organic farming that is obtained from the flowers of a plant of the Asteraceae family, the Tanecetum cinerariifolium. It is one of the most effective natural insecticides, able to fight parasites in full respect of nature.

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Characteristics of BioFiore – Natural insecticide:

  • it kills insects with immediate effectiveness, even those hidden and sheltered in the environments;
  • it does not remain in the environment after its use and does not leave residues;
  • it is effective against food insects (moths, beetles …), flying insects (tiger mosquitoes, sand flies, flies …), crawling insects (ants, cockroaches …);
  • it is particularly suitable for the treatment of sensitive environments frequented by people and animals and of all those rooms that require immediate killing of insects (eg: storage rooms or processing of food raw materials; food industries; internal and external civil environments such as schools, canteens and tourist villages; shops and homes; means of transport);
  • this natural insecticide has a concentration of 3000 PPM.

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