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Air Purifier | AirBio Compact

Three technologies in a single device to make the air we breathe cleaner, kill bacteria and mould and prevent the spread. AirBio Compact air purifiers are recommended for houses, stores, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, offices, meeting rooms and any crowded places. They use an innovative filter system and progressive air purification capacity thanks to the combination of effective technologies: cool plasma, ionisation and UVC lamps. They are easy to use and intuitive. The AirBio Smart offers an intuitive touch screen display, the possibility of remote control and a special detector with 4 different air types. This extremely silent air purifier is easy to use and intuitive. Can be used with people present.


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Features of the AirBio Compact air purifier:

  • Innovative 6-stage filtering and purifying system (pre-filter in nylon;  carbon filter with honeycomb weave, HEPA class H13 filter; photocatalytic filter TiO2; cool plasma; UVC lamp);
  • extremely effective against bacteria, fungi, mould, volatile organic compounds, aerosols and formaldehyde;
  • Possesses a special detector with 4 different air quality levels;
  • can cover an area up to 100 m²;
  • volume d’aria circolante: 720 m3/h;
  • volume of air circulating: 720 m3/h;
  • silent device;
  • dimensioni: 490 x 244 x 729 mm


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