Have you ever found Italian excellence, GENUINE efficiency and competitive pricing in a single generator? There is truly a vast number of generators available on today’s market. The internet and e-commerce platforms will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to sanitisation that uses ozone. However, users are not always sure of the choice to make.


In an important sector such as sanitisation, it is essential to know about all of the elements and to acquire a device that is truly able to combat viruses, bacteria and pathogens. The range of ozone generators by Colombo Green Industries offers you the best possible machine for any contest or environment. Outside of the area they are used, our generators have one essential thing in common: PURE OZONE GUARANTEED.


Choosing the right ozone generator means finding a precious ally in the fight against viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Sanitisation of different areas, in the current context, has become an important need to be met. It is not enough to “make do”, however, because the battle against the spread of virus and bacteria can only be won with the right “tools“. That is why the generators from Colombo Green Industries are such a great opportunity. Because they bring together a series of characteristics that make them unique products on the Italian panorama and not only.

  • Thanks to their special filter, they can trap toxic by-products and nitrites, guaranteeing the dispensing of pure ozone;
  • They are made with materials exclusively from Italy, with excellent resistance and built to guarantee efficiency as well as to stand the test of time;
  • They fit well with any type of space or requirement. Just take a look at the different types designed by Colombo Green Industries.

Ozono Premium Smart 10

Are you looking for a portable ozone generator to sanitise your area? Colombo Green Industries, a company that designs, builds and sells highly innovative products for sanitisation, biodisinfection, without using pesticides, suggests Ozono Premium Smart 10. This generator, made in Italy, uses the power of ozone to sanitise any area (bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc.).

Ozono Premium Smart 20

Are you looking for a professional ozone generator that can sanitise any type of environment? Then Ozono Premium Smart 20 is what you need. This machine uses all of the power of ozone to inactivate viruses and defeat bacteria, mould and any type of pathogen. Our ozone generators for professional use are able to sanitise and disinfect rooms against bacteria, viruses and mould, by up to 99.6%. They are made using top-quality, robust materials and are designed to work continuously over time.

Ozono Premium Smart 40

This next-generation generator is able to supply 40g/h, in line with the products from the line of generators from Colombo Green Industries, it can sanitise and disinfect areas against up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses and mould. All it takes is a little time to understand that using this generator can give you the certainty of effective, lasting sanitisation. This professional ozone generator, combined with the oxygen concentrator (5 litres), showcases all of the effectiveness of made in Italy, sanitising even very large spaces.

Ozono Clean Car System

Ozono Clean Car System is an ozone generator devised, designed and distributed by Colombo Green Industries for the sanitisation and disinfection of car and vehicle interiors. This machine removes all contamination and dirt inside fabrics, on seats, and more besides. It is suitable for use at service stations, car washes and car hire companies. Thanks to its self service use, this column generator can be used independently by customers to clean the inside of any vehicle.