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Ekonore Bamboo Bottle

The Ekonore bottles, a company that revolutionized the world of pest control, are made of natural and ecological bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a sustainable and renewable resource. Our water bottle has been shaped to guarantee maximum comfort: you can carry it comfortably in the office, at the gym or while you are traveling and use it to hold cold or room temperature drinks.



Easy to use and clean, Ekonore bamboo bottle:

  • does not change the taste of your drink like plastic bottles;
  • it is natural and ecological;
  • guarantees complete watertightness thanks to the aluminum cap;
  • it is safe for drinks and food and free of BPA (bisphenol A) and heavy metals;
  • it is easy to clean: hand washing of the bamboo is recommended.

For more information contact us at the toll-free number 800 951 651.


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