Facial Mask Ekonore

The Ekonore personalized 1st level filtering face mask. Treated with antibacterial that resists for at least 40 washes at 40 ° C. The Ekonore sanitized mask is a product compliant with art.16 DLGS N.18 of 17/03/2020 and with the Circular of the Ministry of Health of 18/03/2020 N.3572. These protective devices are very important to counter the spread of viruses and contain infections, especially during pandemics, such as the current one caused by Covid-19.

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The filtering face mask protects against dust, fumes and mists of inhalable liquids. Thanks to the innovative filter technology, even breathing resistance remains low and breathing is not hindered. Characteristics respected by the sanitized mask by Ekonore, the company that has revolutionized the world of pest control thanks to its organic treatments that solve the problem of weeds without endangering nature, your health and that of your loved ones.


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