Mosquito repellent system

BioZanz is a completely organic mosquito repellent that is ideal for the home, the garden, parks, and businesses! It represents innovation in mosquito repellent systems. Through automated spray action, BioZanz creates a natural barrier that is impenetrable to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes will no longer be a problem!

BioZanz has been specially researched, designed and created by Colombo Green Industries, and is able to dispense an extremely effective natural active ingredient for biodisinfestation by killing the adults of mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects such as flies, wasps and sand flies. With BioZanz, you can just get back to relaxing in the garden, without damaging your health or the environment!

100% Organic

Contains a totally natural active ingredient!

Constant cover

24-hour protection guaranteed!


Programmable dispensing to suit your needs!


Installs in a multitude of places!

Electronic Control Unit

It has a programmable electronic control unit which is able to pilot the whole spray system based on time and on the type of product being dispensed.

Perimeter Nozzles

The spray nozzles can be specially positioned along the perimeter of the area to be treated (hedges, flower beds, shrubs, drains, etc.) You’ll be 100% protected!

An impenetrable barrier!

Thanks to the perimeter nozzles installed as you need, and according to the area being protected, BioZanz can free your garden and home from mosquitoes permanently!

Innovative mosquito repelling

Colombo Green Industries

BioZanz is a mosquito repellent system for your garden, designed by Colombo Green Industries to protect your home from these annoying insects. That way you can go back to enjoying the most relaxing moments of the day and some well-deserved rest. The strong points of a BioZanz system includes the possibility of being installed along the perimeter of the area to be treated. And what’s more, your garden will be full of perfumed repellent essence that work on both mosquitoes and other insects, so that you can make the most of your garden like never before!

The BioZanz guarantees:

Constant protection

BioZanz will be installed by our technical engineers in just a few hours. It uses a natural repellent that once programmed, will leave you speechless. Too good to be true? Well it is!

Mosquitoes will be a thing of the past

Take a look at how BioZanz works!


Do you want to get rid of mosquitoes?

BioZanz can be used anywhere!

The mosquito repellent system is ideal for home, garden or your business.

Home and garden

Biozanz is recommended as the definitive solution for the problem of mosquitoes and annoying insects in your home and garden.

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Parks and open spaces

BioZanz is extremely useful for keeping away mosquitoes, even in parks, camp sites, tourist complexes and open spaces used by the general public.

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Companies and Entities

We can also design a special system to protect open spaces at work, in health centres and hospitals, schools and more besides!

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