Confirmation comes from institutions and from empirical, over time, it leaves no room for doubt. Ozone is a powerful ally in the fight against bacteria, pests, mites and viruses. Thanks to its highly powerful oxidising and sanitising action, this natural gas can eradicate allergens, viruses and pathogens in air, water and on surfaces. Its action is much more effective than traditional chemical detergents. Once the action is terminated, the ozone is transformed into oxygen, but without leaving residues.

We have enough elements to consider ozone the most powerful natural disinfectant there is, and far more effective than any synthetic product used for the same purpose. Over time, many sources have validated these properties, especially in a context such as the one we find today, where the priority is containing the contagion and spread of viruses:


If, to the properties of ozone, we add the power of a machine able to make the most of its potential, then sanitisation takes another step further. This is what the ozone generators from Colombo Green Industries have done and thanks to special filters, they can trap toxic by-products in the air and dispense the purest ozone. The Infinity Premium line offers you the choice of the best possible device for the space you need to intervene in (home, office, car, etc.). Resistant materials, unique design and the guaranteed action of ozone make these generators an excellence in the Italian panorama and more besides.